Saturday, December 7, 2013

AVON Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System {Review}

Hey guys,

so I thought I would share with all y'all a facial cleansing system/set that I just recently got. My mom just recently got back into selling AVON, and me and my sisters have been having fun flipping through all the catalogs! :) Well anyways, I saw this 3-part acne treatment in the AVON catalog, and said to Mom, "Hey, I think I'm interested in getting this." So Mom surprised me with it on Monday and that night I used it for the first time.

I can honestly say that five days of using this product faithfully every night has begun to clear my face of the acne I have! Its gotten me super excited! haha I've always struggled with having a face that wasn't flawless like my other siblings. Mom says I got all the skin probs from her. ;) Well, I'm just pumped to be able to help my face to look and feel better! :)

So now onto each product...

1. Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub Exfoliant. This stuff is just like a toothpaste-type substance sort of. Its white with little blue-green beads in it that I'm guessing is the exfoliating stuff. :) I rub that onto my face gently all over, being careful to stay away from my eyes and mouth, then after I've let it sit for about a minute, I carefully rinse it off with room temp. water. Then I gently pat my face dry with a towel so I'm not dripping water everywhere, then I just fan myself with my hands to air-dry my face the rest of the way. After my face is pretty dry, I then move on to the next product...

2. Clarifying Toner Pads.  These are thin little "pads" soaked in a liquid that I'm assuming contains some rubbing alcohol. After my face is air-dried completely, I take one of the thin pads and just rub it over my face to get any extra dirt and junk that might not have been completely removed with the exfoliating scrub. After that's done (and I only use one pad each night, just because they're super expensive and really that's all that's needed, for me at least), I then air-dry my face again without using a hand towel first, and then I move onto the third and final product...

3. Daily Correcting Lotion. This is just lotion that is only supposed to be used for the acne areas on your face. Right now those problem areas are on the sides of my face, at my jawline, so I just dab a small amount onto those areas like you would with regular lotion, then voila! you are done! :)


In the winter months, I always struggle with dry, flaky skin, especially at my hairline. But ever since using this set of products, my skin has been so soft and moisturized. :) I love it!! It feels soft and dewy.

What do you use for your face? Was this review helpful?


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  1. I love Avon! I've used a lot of their skin and makeup products before. Glad this system is working for you so well! :) If you email me your moms avon name I'll use her name the next time I order online.


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