Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring into Spring {When Its Still On Its Slow, Sure Way}

Today has been beautiful! Its actually starting to feel like spring! But its still much too cold to be pulling out bare legs and sandals, so I opted for this comfy, colorful outfit instead. :)

I found this outfit was perfect for the almost-there spring weather. The color of the jeans was definitely screaming spring/summer, but the layering of the jean jacket over the Aztec-print tank top kept me warm in the breezy weather. :)

What have you been wearing in the spring weather???


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Alaska? Almost!

Last weekend my family had the opportunity to visit Lake Erie and see it covered in humongous chunks of ice! It was like we were back in Alaska on the Matanuska Glacier again! :) It was awesome and beautiful and cold and windy, and a blast!

And then later that day I got to hang with my best friend, Hannah!! :)

And now I'm on Spring Break!!! :D