Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life Lately

// Just a few snapshots from the past month, since I've neglected this blog for so many months!//

A few weeks ago my family got to attend my big sister's graduation from college in education! It was such a fun day spent at a fancy restaurant laughing and celebrating Kara's success and hard work with all of her precious family and friends!!!

Its basically impossible for all of us to take a "nice" picture!! ;) 

Recreating a scene from our favorite musical "Sound of Music"!

Next up we attended a very special wedding on May 16th to see two dear friends become one in front of God and their friends and family. It was suchh a special day and soo much fun at the reception later dancing away the night!! 

Next me and my sisters got to spend this past Sunday with a sweet friend of ours, going to DQ and then watching "Monte Carlo" and having a dance party after that, jamming to our girl Taylor Swift!!

And also this past Sunday my #ootd:

How has life been for you all??? 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sisters' Sweet 16th!

Today I got the opportunity to try out my *photography* skills and do a photoshoot for my sisters' 16th birthday with their best friends. It was a cold day, but it was cloudy, so the lighting was perfect!! :)

The birthday girls!!!!! 

I am so thankful to have my sisters by my side!! We have so many memories that are special to us, and I don't know what I'd do without them!!!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

// Crazy for You //

I got this beautiful blush pink dress from one of my best friends for Christmas, and I love it!!! The earrings I just received last night from my big sis. She got them from Stratford, Canada, from a play called "Crazy For You". The earrings are made out of leftover scraps of costumes from that play, and I love the flecks of color amidst the brown color. :) 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Baby Its Cold Outside

When Black Friday shopping, its always a good idea to be comfy but cute while running through the stores. So I wore this outfit, consisting of two new pieces bought during BFS. :) My grey beanie from F21, and my blue sweater from Wal-Mart. :) I love them both, but especially my hat, because I haven't owned a hat with a pom-pom since I was about 5 years old. :)

Did you go Black Friday shopping? And if so, what did you wear?


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For The Love of Jean {OOTD}

So I wear leggings with boots and jackets a lot I just realized. Maybe someday I should pull out a dress for class. But then I think no because no gets that dressed up for class. :)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

OOTD {My Go-To's}

So today I got the day off classes because it was Veteran's Day, so I laid around in my pajamas all day while working on homework. Well then I had to go pick up my sisters from school, so I threw this outfit on really fast. And as I was driving home jamming out to "Shotgun Rider" by Tim McGraw, I realized as we were talking about our go-to pieces in our closet, that my whole outfit was basically all of my go-to pieces thrown together!! :)

1. Chambray shirt: a blue-jean button down shirt basically goes with everything. I wear mine from Wal-Mart all the time!! Its an awesome layering piece and looks good on everyone. :) You can find one anywhere!

2. A Brown Leather Jacket: I got my brown leather jacket from Charlotte Russe last Christmas I believe, and didn't wear it much. But for some reason I have been wearing it non-stop this fall and up-coming winter and love it to pieces!!! It goes with sooo much in my closet and I love that! I'd like to get a black leather jacket sometime soon as well. :)

3. Black leggings. Do I need to say more. I got mine at Gabe's for $6 and I love them to pieces!!! I've been wearing them almost non-stop too and they are still fitted and not baggy at all!! :)

4. Brown combat boots. I think its time to start looking for another pair of combat boots cuz these babies are starting to peel and wither. I love them to death and wear them pretty much every day to class. :) They go with everything I have in my closet so that's great!

What are some of your go-to pieces?


Sunday, October 12, 2014

OOTD {Canary & Stripes}

Sometimes life calls for your favorite striped dress and heels and today was that day. I really love getting dressed up for church! Its funny because in the past, I've despised heels, but lately I've been pulling out my girly side and actually wearing the ones sitting in my closet! Its nice to feel like a lady every once in awhile. :)