Sunday, July 6, 2014

Poppies {OOTD}

I wore this dress to church today. I bought it on Thursday when shopping with my older sister. I got it at Forever 21. Usually I don't buy clothes from F21 because, first, if you need to return it, you only get in-store credit and I don't like that, and secondly, because clothes from F21 usually are too small for me. :) But I hit the jackpot with this dress!! Sadly, it doesn't have pockets, but if it did, I think this would be my dream dress! I feel like I stepped out from the 1940s in it! :) The sleeves are just slightly puffed up at the seam, and the print reminds me of poppy flowers. :)



  1. That dress is super cute on you!!

  2. i too have fallen out of buying things from f21 but there are some gems - like this piece! the only way i could love this more was if the print was enlarged like your close up - gorgeous!

  3. I agree - dresses with pockets are pretty much the best ever! I love the sleeves on this and how you styled it with a bow - very vintage and fun :)


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