Tuesday, November 11, 2014

OOTD {My Go-To's}

So today I got the day off classes because it was Veteran's Day, so I laid around in my pajamas all day while working on homework. Well then I had to go pick up my sisters from school, so I threw this outfit on really fast. And as I was driving home jamming out to "Shotgun Rider" by Tim McGraw, I realized as we were talking about our go-to pieces in our closet, that my whole outfit was basically all of my go-to pieces thrown together!! :)

1. Chambray shirt: a blue-jean button down shirt basically goes with everything. I wear mine from Wal-Mart all the time!! Its an awesome layering piece and looks good on everyone. :) You can find one anywhere!

2. A Brown Leather Jacket: I got my brown leather jacket from Charlotte Russe last Christmas I believe, and didn't wear it much. But for some reason I have been wearing it non-stop this fall and up-coming winter and love it to pieces!!! It goes with sooo much in my closet and I love that! I'd like to get a black leather jacket sometime soon as well. :)

3. Black leggings. Do I need to say more. I got mine at Gabe's for $6 and I love them to pieces!!! I've been wearing them almost non-stop too and they are still fitted and not baggy at all!! :)

4. Brown combat boots. I think its time to start looking for another pair of combat boots cuz these babies are starting to peel and wither. I love them to death and wear them pretty much every day to class. :) They go with everything I have in my closet so that's great!

What are some of your go-to pieces?


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