Sunday, January 4, 2015

// Crazy for You //

I got this beautiful blush pink dress from one of my best friends for Christmas, and I love it!!! The earrings I just received last night from my big sis. She got them from Stratford, Canada, from a play called "Crazy For You". The earrings are made out of leftover scraps of costumes from that play, and I love the flecks of color amidst the brown color. :) 


  1. hey!! look at you still posting away (and with the design i made for you, gosh, that was literally so long ago). i LOVE what you've done with your hair (the color and style is reallly realllyyyyyyyyyy flattering i can't even begin to express) and your dress and boots are really nice! i hope you had a really good Christmas, babe, and i hope you have an even better year :) <3

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