Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello all!!

Today, I was looking for a shirt in my sister's closet, and came upon this oxford shirt. I was ecstatic. Since Megan doesn't wear it, ever, she gave it to me!! Woot woot! I paired my new shirt with my favorite pair of black skinnies (they're my only pair, to be honest), and gray suede heels. I kept racking my brain for things I could add to make this look unique, but came up with nothing. Arrgghhh. Oh well. Goodness, I REALLY need to get some money and go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, on to the pix!

Okay, sooo. posing is sooo incredibly awkward for me, even in front of my sister, who took these pictures. I kept thinking, "Natural. Just think natural poses." Haha. Anyways....

Do you like our new swing?? I do! Its the first time I've seen it since we got it. Yeah, I spend most of my time in my room. Quite unhealthy, I know. But hey, the heat here has been unbearable!!!! I like air-conditioning, so don't judge me. :P

This is me and my sister Melissa, who isn't the one who took the pictures. (Melissa had just washed her hair, & she came out to watch me 'model' LOL, and she hadn't done a thing with her hair yet.) Hehehe

So, are you guys big fans of oxford shirts? To be honest, I had no idea they were even CALLED oxford shirts. I found out their 'name' from is the most amazingest fashion site ever!!! Go check it out. :) Well, I think that's all for today. I plan to wear this outfit to youth group tonight, too. ttul



  1. Heeey AManda, i like the shirt :~),
    do you mind if i swim over to America to use your swing PWEEEZZZZ

  2. Sure NutsMan! lol I don't like sitting on it, tho, cuz it makes me feel like the world is spinning. Not cool. :P

  3. Nathan, just don't swallow alot of water. That wouldn't be fun! hehehehe

  4. You look great! I love the shirt, its really cute.

  5. And me I just love it all lol so i still have not seen any pics of your room or house and i am sending you a bracelet that you could put with it i just have to finish it hehe


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