Friday, July 22, 2011

the video i made last night with my sistas and a friend, which did not get uploaded onto tumblr becuz it was being stupid, so instead, i will share it with you guys, instead of my friends at 'Georgie Central.'

So ya. i felt like putting in a really long title. dont judge me.
okay sorry, i'm in a bad mood becuz the video...... oh ya, you already read that in the title. ok, i'm gonna shut up now and lef you watch the video. AND IT HAD BETTER WORK!

i'm praying this works!!!!! please, God.....


  1. Hello Manda :)
    3 things
    1 I have had the videos up for about a month trying to feed you the link onto Georgie Central
    2 YAY i'm famous
    3 I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter sorry sam :)

  2. Nathan,

    1. you're awesome!
    2. Wow, you're not what I pictured at all. LOL
    3. Your accent is the absolute BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 1 thank you :)
    2 in a good way?
    3 thank you :)

  4. Hey manda I think it worked lol loves ya lots :D

  5. Hiya! :D You all are so funny! lol! :D

  6. Awww, thanks Wills!!! I've hardly talking to you lately!! But I will later, ok? We're about ready to go eat supper.

    love you, too, Macky!!! Thanks guys for your comments. They make my day. :)

    Love y'all!!

  7. Yeah, it's been a while! :) You know, you look like someone that I used to know! ;) lol! :D

  8. Wills,

    seriously?? Cool!!! :) And your british accent rocks, btw. I'm horrible, unless I'm quoting the Narnia lines. hehehe

    Love you! <3

  9. Oh, it doesn't work for me. :-/ Can you do it on youtube?

  10. Sorry, I don't have a YouTube account, & i'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't let me get one. So sorry! Maybe I can post it again, along with the other vid?? We'll see....


  11. Thats funny!
    I'm glad it worked, I like your blog.

  12. Beth,

    hi! Thank you. Do you have a blog?

  13. Hey Manda, it won't work for me either. :( sorry


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Manda <3