Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Week

Hi everyone.

Okay, I now wanna travel all over Europe with some friends!!! Who's up to joining me? I have always wanted to go to Europe, especially England, of course. :) But now, after reading "Christy and Todd: The College Years" by Robin Jones Gunn< where christy< katie< and todd travel all over europe< (AND SORRY, DAD'S LAPTOP KEYS ARE WACKED OUT. UGGHHH!!!) (AND I WOULD BE ON MY NETBOOK, BUT IM HAVING VIRUS PROBLEMS, WHICH IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT, AS YOU CAN IMAGINE!!!) anyways< where was i? OH YA, SO I'M READING 'UNTIL TOMORROW" THE FIRST BOOK IN THE CHRISTY AND TODD BOOKS. Christy, Todd, and Katie travel all over Europe, and they don't really make any plans, so its like one huge adventure. I would TOTALLY do this!!! OH YA>

so anyhoo< my week has been full of going to church and painting/CUTTING out/decorating our 2s&3s room with pictures of sea creatures we traced! ourselves, PEOPLE. we're quite proud of them. lol

So ya! Sorry all, my camping trip with pix and stuff will have to wait until the stupid virus stuff goes away on Pixie. It just started up, and oh my word! its annoying. So ya. Well, i guess i'll see y'all later. hey, say a prayer for my friend Phil who's working at camp this summer.
please pray he can be a shining light for the campers, and a wonderful testimony and Godly example to the other staff. He's working full time this year, like I did last year, and (this I have no doubt) he will be able to stick it out> its worth it< i"ll tell you that mucH!!! well, ta ta!



all i gotta say is: ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, i'm so jealous of anna and georgie. they've got the coolest older brother in the world. (minus that Will's not a Christian.) :(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've been gone for a long time.... I'm sorry.

Hi everyone! Okay, I will do my best to get a big fat post about last week's camping trip on here ASAP. But no promises, ok? And sorry about not being able to get that vid of the MudHens fireworks on here last Mon. I thot we'd get WiFi at the state park, but noooope! So ya. Will try and post that soon.

Miss you all lots adn lots! Me thinks its gonna take quite a long time for myself to make some friendsies here at Emmanual. Boo hoo. :( Well, ta ta!!!


Sunday, June 12, 2011


I just had the time of my life at the Toledo Mudhen's Baseball Game in downtown Toledo, OH, which, for those of you who might not know (who would that be???) is where me and the fam moved to. Tonight was our first 'official as Ohioans' Sunday night. I took a video of the fireworks display after the game, and like a million pix, but i will post all that tomorrow, before we head out to the campground.

Sorry I've kept you all hanging out to dry!!! The fam arrived in Ohio yesterday, and we're staying in, yes, more temporary housing until we get into our house. Oh ya, us kids finally got to see our new house today!!! Its nice, and the neighbors are friendly. There are two little girls next door and I'm excited about getting to know them better, and hopefully inviting them to Emmanuael's VBS nights next week!!!! :)

Jingles is staying with a lady from our church for the week, while we're camping, and hopefully she won't go into withdrawal from all of the craziness happening around her!!!! :S

Well, I better go. Its 10:41 here in Ohio, back home in Iowa, its an hour later. Soo, ttul!!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Photoshoot

This past Memorial Weekend, on Sunday, my uncle took the fam to Silver Lake to do a photoshoot, becuz he's a photographer. So, thanks to Uncle Roger, here are some amazing pix!!!!

plz leave comments. thnx. :D

p.s.  i have "There's a Place For Us" by Carrie Underwood on the "Dawn Treader" DVD stuck in my head! Awesome, awesome song. :)

"There's a Place For Us" by Carrie Underwood

This song always makes me wanna cry, cuz it reminds me of Georgie and Skandar, who aren't coming back to Narnia. :(  *tears*