Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekend Haul

   //Awesome tribal-print dress from Sears. Its a gem. Price: $13.00//

//Wine-colored sweater. Its incredibly soft and warm inside. (and yes i realize its summer, but it was only $3 at Savers, and it'll be perfect for fall and winter.)//

 // Wonderful *baggy* striped sweater from Forever 21. Price: $6.99//

//Fun, colorful totes from Forever 21. Price: $1.50 each//

Dad and the boys went on an overnight backpacking trip on Friday, so it was just the girlies at home! We literally spent like the whole time shopping! We were looking for church clothes, 'cause all three girls (me, and my 2 sisters) are lacking desperately for new things to wear for church!! Thankfully I got a dress, and so did Meg. Lis is still looking, sadly. :/ But we had a fun time. Once we got back from shopping yesterday we rented 'What a Girl Wants' (very good movie, I might add!!) and ordered Marcos pizza, then finished the night off with home movies.

How was your weekend?

 Any special plans for Father's Day? 

Don't forget to tell your special daddy how much he means to you!

// Me and Mugs//



  1. Cute stuff! Love the London tote bag especially, that is darling! :-) Hope you have a great Sunday. :-)

  2. I love your dress just sent an email telling you that is sounds cute and then I saw it and it is adorable. :D hey don't get all shopped out before I come I want to see your big mall :P and I love that movie :D it is super good :P LOVE YA LOTS ~ Mack ~
    P.S. 2 MORE WEEKS :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey girl,
    Missed you at church yesterday!

  4. i love the dress!
    and also love those bags too, they're very cute - 1.50 is pretty amazing! xx

  5. a girl's weekend? how fun! shopping is always the best way to bond.

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