Saturday, June 2, 2012

Put A Hat On It

So, I don't really wanna tell you when I wore this, cause you'll gasp at how long ago it was.

Okay, I'll tell you.

It was Mother's Day. No, I did not wear this to church. I wore the shirt and necklace with a black skirt and black heels to church and Red Lobster for lunch (delish!!!). :)  And then when Mom and I went shopping later, I wore the shorts, and bought the shoes and hat. :)

I think I am a hat person. Like, I have only two hats, but this one is my summer hat, and my purple beret hat (made by awesome friend Rose) is perfect for bringing a pop of color to my winter outfits. :) Oh yeah, and did I mention that I got this wonderful hat at Dollar General for $1.00??? Well, now I did.

Do you like wearing hats?? 

What are your favorite styles??



  1. You look so amazing I love the Hat and outfit I also love the hair :D you look so cute :D I cant wait to co see you :D ~ love mack~

  2. You look so cute! :-) Love that top so much! Nice hat too, I am definitely a hat wearer. Beanies in the Winter....Fedoras & baseball caps in the Summer. :-)

  3. you are too cute manda!:) i'm actually much of a hat-wearer, but i think i'm more of a scarf-wearer person. i really like your shoes in the pic:)


  4. Hats make me look a little odd, but I love them!
    Cute outfit,

    Come visit my blog, I'd love to know what you think<3
    maybe follow if you like it?:)

    Sophie xox

  5. SUCH a cute hat! And $1? Can't beat that!

    I'm also a hat person! I really like floppy, wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps too!


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