Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So, I've been getting stoked for the London Olympics, which are only NINE days away! After watching the Today Show this morning and seeing a clip on Gabby Douglas working out, I went on YouTube and have been watching a million videos (mostly of Shawn Johnson for Nike) of different exercises to get me in shape. :) Here are just a few:

What do you do for exercise?   Are you a fan of the Olympics?   *leave a comment in my box and tell! :)* Love, Manda

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  1. I am a yoga and Pilates kind of girl!! I used to run and loved it very much, but due to arthritis for the past 5 years I am unable to anymore :-( I am not a big Olympic watcher but I do enjoy some of the events! I like the swimming and gymnastics a lot :-)


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