Sunday, October 6, 2013

Three Day Weekend!!

This weekend was AWESOME! Basically every weekend that involves my older sister Kara is always awesome!!! ;) On Friday we drove to Hobby Lobby and spent two hours picking out our t-shirts, wooden letters, paint, and paintbrushes. Then we went home, ate Subway for supper (it was soo good! Kara introduced me to a new kind of sandwich. Thanks sis!) then after supper we proceeded to tie-die our shirts. Totally trial and error here, people! We'd never done it before!! haha After *successfully* tie-dyeing our shirts, we headed to Wal-Mart for a milkshake run! While there, right after we'd gotten the ice-cream, Kara was like, "Hey, lets just go check out their graphic tees." So we did! About five seconds after we'd gotten there, Kara began to FRREAK OUT. She had discovered #ONCE shirts of all things, in the Wal-Mart graphic tee area!!!! Instantly all four of us began flipping out, laughing so hard there were tears in our eyes! People were starting at us, but we didn't care. So we then bought the shirts (Me & Kara got the same and Meg & Lis got the same shirt). And the whole way back we jammed to Hunter Hayes 'I Want Crazy'! When we got back, we crammed into our spare TV room to watch S3 of #Once!! Kara brought her projector so it was like a real theatre, just with Lis's milkshakes instead of popcorn! haha After watching the first episode of S3, we then proceeded to watch past Shawn & Derek DWTS videos which were great! Then we headed to bed. Kara and I talked till 3:00 in the morning and it was sooo worth it! :)


 about to tie-die our shirts!

 Acrylic paint is not good for you, but when it looks like milk, ketchup, chocolate milk and mustard, it sure is tempting not to eat! ;)


Excited about our tees!

our mini movie-theatre!

She's my best friend and my big sis! Love her to death!


Saturday we woke up and after eating Mom's yummy coffee-cake, we started painting the letters onto our shirts!


the back, almost done.

the front, all done!

 sisters!!! <3

 the finished product!! the front...

 ... and the back!

So that was my weekend!!!! About 13 hours in all was spent making these t-shirts! And they turned out AMAZING if I do say so myself!!!

Are any of you Oncers too??? Speak up and tell me if you are!!! :)



  1. awh that looks so fun!!! Cute shirts

  2. I just read this and it's November 7th! Cannot wait for another night like this one!


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