Saturday, April 27, 2013

When I Was Young

On this gorgeous late April day, with my bedroom windows open and the breeze stirring the curtains, I thought I'd share a few pictures from when I was young.

Homecoming Day from the hospital. May 14, 1994.

Spring/Summer 1995

cousin's house summer 2000.

What are some of your favorite memories from when you were young?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Upcoming Vlog

Hey guys!!!

Sooo I'm thinking of doing a vlog soon!! Like in the next week or so. I would looove to get some questions to answer in my vlog!! They can be anything you'd like and I will pick like maybe 10 or so to answer!!! :)



Saturday, April 20, 2013

Things Just Got Very Very Real

Today was my choir's musical competition. Except for seriously coming close *this* close to fainting while performing (Dead. Serious. I was right on the edge.), the day was filled with memories - mostly made at supper @ Golden Corral, and then on the 3 hour bus ride home. These people make me laugh sooo hard!

*WARNING: PROCEED AT OWN RISK. we were sleep-deprived and on a sugar high.*

we stole katie's phone while she was in the bathroom and decided to surprise her with some lovely shots. :)

we made this her background pic. she loved it.

after supper!

And then me and Nat decided to take some pictures on my camera. Prepare yourself...

attractiveness at its fullest. :) i <3 this!!

the text was from a boy.... lol

we are mooses, hence the antlers...

i just REALLY love this picture!!!

nat was the winner in unwrapping her starburst with her tongue. i didn't even try. ;)

Soooo I just wanted you to see the *probably* unseen side of me that has never before been revealed for my dear blog readers. But now you know what I'm like when I have to get up at 3 a.m, and when I eat too many peanut M&M's, sour rainbow strips, and other equal junkfood. :) I'm sorry if these pictures just scarred your perfect image of me, but hey, I did warn ya!! ;) I hope your Saturday was as awesome possum as mine was!!

Adios, amigos!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

november.... please come soon!

Who all watched this last night?!!? I watched it like four times!!! hahaha Sooo excited for this movie! :)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dear Jesus...

Why is that you aren't all I need? Why do I look for acceptance and love from my friends and other people, and not You? You know that I love the song, 'All I Have Is Christ'. And its true. People and material, earthly possesions let me down, but You don't. You never have and You never will. I'm so thankful you're here with me Jesus. I'm so thankful I'm a sinner saved by grace - Your grace. You are the only one who can save me! Thank you for loving me with an unconditional love. Thank you for never giving up on me, for never stopping pursuing me. I'm so glad You've got me in the palm of your hand. I feel so safe and protected. Tomorrow, help me to show someone Your love. Let me shine, Jesus!

I love you!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Monday!!!!!

Oh I LOVE this!! Thanks mamma ;)
“@KarenKingsbury: God's grace is wrapped in fresh starts. That's why He made Mondays. #workhard #lovewell”

Wish I woulda seen this before I went to school!! :/ Oh well. Well everyone, let's all make the most of the rest of our Monday!!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

things i'm lovin

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