Saturday, September 28, 2013


So last weekend Kara came over and she drove us girls to the mall to shop! We had a fun time in Aeropaustale, trying on some SUH-WEET grey leather jackets! Kara actually ended up buying it with a giftcard. haha And I must say she is rocking it! :)

twins. actually we're triplets. ;)

And then we came back, made some milkshakes and watched ONCE of course!!!! :) 

we got our milkshakes!!


Oh and then after ONCE, we started a cute Disney princess puzzle!! :)

Me & my three sisters!!! We totally look related! ;) <3


Monday, September 16, 2013


The whole gang!!

On Tuesday, September 10th, my whole class met up at the school to load up the *awesome possum* bus with our luggage and carry-ons. Then at 11:30 the whole high school came out to say goodbye, take pictures, etc. Then at 12 sharp we pulled out headed for West Virginia!!!!

Bob Evans on the way to W.V.!

 on the way to the caves!


on the way to white water rafting! i was but God got me thru and I had the best time of my lifeee!!! :)



Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I am different than the rest of the world because I have Jesus in my life. My rolemodel Sadie Robertson and her best friend Kolby Koloff have started a Youtube Show called "IAmDifferent" where the two of them give a devotional and post it Monday nights at 7 central time. I would encourage you to check them out!!! They are two sweet girls of God trying to make a difference in this world!!! :)

Here is last night's video they posted! :)

Thank You Jesus for godly girls who are taking a stand and being such wonderful examples for girls everywhere!!! :)


Monday, September 2, 2013

My Labor Day Weekend

Was the probably the best one everrr!!! So yesterday we went to church, and then afterwards the fam was trying to decide what we should do to "celebrate" that night because Andrew had to work Monday. So we finally decided to go visit an area that had some shops and a movie theatre, etc. We walked around the shops for a bit, then Mom and Dad surprised us and took us to the theatre, where we got to see "Despicable Me 2" which was AWESOME!!! I'm a minion lover, no doubt about that! :)
And thennnn, when we got home, five seconds after we'd stepped inside, a car pulls up and Mom goes to greet it. Suddenly I realized who it was - OUR BIG SISTER KARA!!! :) Best surprise everrr! FYI, Kara is not really our sister. We just "adopted" her after she coached my younger sisters in basketball for two years. Us girls begged Mom and Dad basically this whole past week if Kara could come over for Labor Day weekend. And turns out, she was able to come till midnight last night to watch more 'Once Upon a Time' (of course!!!) and goof off by taking crazy pictures which I will share below! :) We're so thankful that God brought Kara into our lives. She is this crazy, sweet, adorable girl that we love dearly! :)

She even brought strawberry smoothies for all the girls (including Mama!)

 That last picture is priceless. Its when we realized that the camera was taking 4 pictures in a row, instead of just one! lol

Oncers forever!!!! <3 


can you tell what this says??? ;)

Hope your Labor Day Weekend has been as great as mine!!! :)