Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mixed Emotions {OOTD}

The weather has finally become cold all day long which makes me soso happy! I was able to wear tights under my skirt and not roast to death!!


I'm obsessed with mixing textures lately and when I stepped outside in just my sweater and skirt, I knew I'd need a jacket! So I ran back inside and grabbed my brown leather jacket. I was slightly nervous of it just not looking right with the other colors in my outfit, but I ended up loving the whole ensemble! :) What do you guys think? Are you fans of mixing textures?



  1. You look great! and the jacket was a good finishing touch. :)

  2. Hi Amanda! I'm Alex and I was hoping you could answer a quick question I have about your blog, Free To Be Me! If you could email me back at Alex.d(at)weddingtonway(dot)com that would be great!


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Manda <3