Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Friends

this is my awesomely awesome BFF!!! Her name is Mackenna. I love her to death! There will never be another AMAZING best friend for me - no one can take her place!!!!!!! :)

She is my sista in Christ, and the one I can tell anything too. We have been bestest friends for.... going on 8 years? Yeah, something like that. :)

hehe Mack had to carry me from my room to the family room cuz i couldn't walk in her new heels! lol

 it was freezing out, but we walked around the block, then went back to my house and had a photoshoot in the tree in my fam's back yard! so much fun. :) :) :)

on the walk with the dog and our sistas (Meg, Lis, & Margaret). :D

and now....

this pic was taken this Christmas. We went back to Iowa, to my old church, and me and Mack exchanged gifts and hugs. :)

mack, i love you like crrazy!!!!! you are the bestest friend a girl could ask for, and i thank the Lord for you every day!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!


p.s. i would LOVE to get these rings for us! creds to Rach for this!! :) i "stole" it from ur blog! lol


  1. super adorable! love it :)


  2. i saw your post! thanks! and the mascara i use is the lost of lash from great last and i curl them a lot and apply like 5 coats. i like long lashes. and aren't those rings the cutest?! :)

    love, rach.

  3. Aren't best friends great? I have one that I've been friends with for about 10 years now and the bond is priceless! I think friends are a true gift from God :) And cute photos! Your hair looks so nice!

  4. I LOVE YOU MANDA :D <3 and you truly are my Best friend and an amazing sister in Christ you make me smile when I am ging to cry and I Love you Thank you for being my BEST FRIEND :D ~Mack~

  5. You girls are too cute. Don't you just love BFs??? Love those pb&j rings!!!


  6. you guys are such cuties! love the photos. best friends are the greatest (:



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