Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just Some Pictures

From the past couple of weeks. I have been debating on whether or not I should post all the pictures at once, or divide up the posts....

Okay, I think I'm going to do them all at once! So, here we gooo!!!! (p.s. i wont be posting ALL the pics taken, just a handful from each set).

First Set - Grandparents House

Saturday's outfit!!!
lime green turtleneck
Fair Isle print hoodie with fur
L.E.I. jeans
black pea coat
riding boots!!

lovin that overhang of branches in the background! i didnt even notice them at first! haha!!

2nd Set - Cousins' House

(sorry, no real outfit pics for this one!) :/

hehe that's whipped cream on my glasses. alaina meant to put it on my nose, but ya know... that just didn't happen. :P

Monday's Outfit

grey v-neck tee
black button up blazer
black cuffed shorts
black tights (underneath shorts)
riding boots
lime green infinity scarf

I got to be my uncle's assistant and hold the flash thing while he took some senior pix of my amazing cousin Alaina! It was FRRREEZING but I had a BLAST! :) Good times, right? Right.

I got to be my uncle's tripod. haha. I was the perfect height!!!! :D

Random Pictures 

 Lovely cheerleaders at Friday night's varsity bball game! My friend Nat is the girl in the front row, far left. Isn't she adorable!??!

Nat and I after the game. The fam went to Chipotle afterwards. :) Isn't Nat so cute?!?! ;)
After Chipotle (which has the most amazingest food!) the fam went to Meijer for a few errands. And a few pictures??? I say yes. (but i'm only posting a few...)

Jared took this pic!

I love this picture!!! Look at my awesome pink flats! From my bestie Mack. :)

4th Set - New Year's Day 

Sunday's Outfit 

navy dress with black sequins
black blazer
black jeweled bracelet
black tights
black riding boots

I told you I shoulda divided all this up. Oh well. I hope you enjoyed a picture-filled post!!

Happy New Year's Day!!



  1. Loving the last one alotttt!(;

  2. you look so grown up in all of the pics and also so cute I love the pics :D ~Mack~

  3. Lovely outfits.. I love that blazer, its so cute! I need to get myself a blazer someday... :)

  4. i love all your pics! very lovely!!:)


  5. What a cute pea coat! Looks like you had a great holiday season! I just found your blog (via comment on another blog) and it's just darling! I just started following you, too! Hope you stop by, say hi and follow back if you feel like it:) XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  6. cute pics girl! :) enjoying your blog, i'm a follower now!


  7. I love your black pea coat! you are too adorable.:)


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