Sunday, April 8, 2012


Ok, so yesterday, I just flicked on the TV and there was horse racing!! For those of you who don't know (and most of you all prolly don't) - I love horse racing like crazy!!! So whenever its on TV, I take control over the remotes and stuff so no one can change the channel. lol
But anyways, of course, after watching horse racing, I got inspired to write a story. So here are just a few pics I found on Google Images to help keep the inspiration flowing. Enjoy!

Me thinks that'd be a looong ways to walk to get the ponies...

 just a quiet family farm...

 i just love white fences and green grass!

so peaceful

oh my goodness that looks like soo much fun!!! :)

Happy Trails!!



  1. Looks amazing! My sister would LOVE this post. haha, she's obsessed with horses.

  2. I'm sorry Amanda... I just haven't been in the blog world lately- so much going on... I really haven't been commenting or looking at anything. Sad really.
    I will be back soon.
    I love horses, and this post obviously.
    Happy Easter! Love you,

  3. I'm award/tagging you on my blog. :)

  4. I Love all the pics and yes that would be a very long way to get a pony I dont think I would walk that far :P did you have a good Easter ?
    P.S I want to know more about this story ~Mack~


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