Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I finally got this book!!!

It came out on my spring break, but I had forgotten all about it because I was more focused on 'the Hunger Games' movie that had come out on the 23rd.

Well, then I stopped by the library around 2:15 before heading to study hall, and the librarian was looking for someone to man the counter while she ran out to buy 'Loving' for the library. I couldn't volunteer, becuz I had math to do, but then today I stopped in again, intent on being the 1st one to get to read it. :) And I was! Even tho she hadn't prepared it yet for the library shelves, she let me take it!! :)

So, now I'm reading it. I'm currenly on page 109, I think. 

Its really good so far.

I'm Team Brandon, btw. :)

Have you read it? 

Are you for Cody or Brandon? (Well actually, I think we're all pretty sure its gonna end up Brandon, so yeah...)


p.s. isn't Kelsey GORGEOUS!??!?

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