Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Almost Free

Exams are over!!! I just have to go in at 10 a.m tomorrow for P.E. even tho we're not gonna do anything, but at least I get to sleep in some!! Tomorrow's a half day, and so is Friday, and then I'll be FREE. I can't wait! :) And then two months till Mack comes, and twenty something days till Sonshine. :) Summer - you're almost here!!

//this looks like a scene from anne of green gables//

What are your summer plans?



  1. Well my plans are COMING TO SEE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( can you tell that I am excited just a little ?)
    LOVE YA ~Mack~

  2. My plans are...counseling at Jr Girls Camp, going on a missions trip to a camp in Nebraska to do a VBS-day camp for a week, work, maybe camp for a weekend, and yeah that's pretty much most of it.

    I made a summer list of things i wanna do. but i def wanna visit you sometime even if its next summer:))


  3. I can't wait until Summer! I want to get my house in order for the baby coming in the Autumn, take lots of picnics and spend some time outside in the Sunshine, and I'd love to take a short weekend vacation with my husband! :-)


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