Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hey all! So I gotta confess:

1. I'm impulsive and judgmental and can be a total jerk sometimes. I just need to shut my mouth.

2. I've been listening to too much Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina songs over the past month. But they are just.soo.darn.good.

3. I'm really procrastinating when it comes to studying for exams this week. I need to get off this computer and open the books!

4. I hate water on the counter. I always have to wipe off any water from the sink before taking my contacts out/ brushing my teeth/ washing my face, etc.

5. I hate it when music is playing in the car, and someone turns it down and/or off so they can talk. Gahhh, just stop it already!

6. I am like the most excited I've been in a long time - and I'm talking 'bout Refresh y'all!!! Snow camp!!!!!!!! Its this Friday. Holy macaroni y'all - I can't wait! Hans and I are counting down the hours. lol

7. I really really would love to go antique shopping with Taylor Swift.

8. I hate that I started this new year off with great aspirations to read my Bible daily and to eat healthy and to exercise. But... that kinda hasn't happened for the last coupla days. But I promise I'm gonna get back into it after Refresh. 

9. And now I really must get to the books before Mom shoots me for not studying since I got home.



  1. I love your confession posts. Makes me feel better about myself. ha. ;) Which means I need to pull out those study books and start eating right. =P And I gotta admit, antique shopping would be fun to do with Taylor Swift.

  2. I hate water on the counter too. Its the worse isn't it??? :)

  3. "I can be a.... total jerk sometimes"
    ^^I'm sorry, but that is the falsest thing I have ever heard. You are the LAST person in the world who I would ever think is a "jerk". Seriously... :)


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