Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday Night {Basketball}

High school life is awesome. I love every second of it, even if a lot of the time is hard! One of the things I love doing though is cheering on my school's varsity guys at games (soccer, basketball, maybe baseball in the spring.) I love that my friends are big sports fans so they can come to the games with me!!! :)

Last night I went to my school's JV and Varsity bball games against another Christian school. They happen to be our biggest rival, so it was crazy intense! Hans and I were screaming and freaking out during the JV game while everyone else around us was just sitting calmly. (They prolly wanted to wring our necks for yelling in their ears! oops) All in all it was still a really fun night. :)

Some of these pics are creds to Hans, and then the others are by me. *Creds to Hans for this ^^ pic.*

via me. edited by hans.

via hans.

#twins. via me. edited by hans.

via me. l-r: allison, bethany, me!

 via hans.

me and mercy!

I hope your Friday night was great!! Today I have just been studying for exams next week and listening to 'Please Remember Me' by Scotty McCreery and 'I'm Not One of Them' by Lauren Alaina.



  1. Awwww!! I had a blast with you (as always)!! LOVE YOU!

  2. You look cute Amanda! Sorry I have been hit and miss commenting lately...I feel bad I have been so out of touch with all my blog pals! :(


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