Thursday, January 24, 2013

Refresh {2013}

This past weekend I got to go on my youth group's winter retreat. It was at a camp up North and verrry cold! This picture above ^^ was taken around suppertime on the way up to camp.

Mercy and I trying to get the sunset behind us.

The theme of the weekend, from the Bible, was the story of Jonah. Soo, hence our "big fish" sculpture below! :)

While at Refresh, there were 3 teams: Green, Blue & Red. I was on the Green team and one of the competitions given to us was to make an *ice* sculpture. But on Saturday, there was no snow to make anything, so my team leader got really smart and saw the beach volleyball court and decided we'd make our sculpture(s) out of sand. I still say we shoulda won.... we came in 2nd to RED. :(

Rach and I. This girl never fails to make me laugh!!

During Refresh, on Sunday, was me and my twin Andrew's 19th bday. While I slept, my friends proceeded to decorate my room... and I didn't hear a single thing!! I was soo exhausted I just slept like a log. lol But it was super duper sweet of them and I must say I've got the bestest friends in the world! <33

The birthday sign they taped to my bedroom door!!

Looking down from the gym/chapel to the cafeteria/lodge. (Oh and this is when we finally got snow!!)

Me and Zoe, the sweetest, preciousest baby in the world!! I am gonna miss her to death!!! :(((

//so yeah this is like my favoritest pic from the whole weekend! #heartmelts//

*sorry for the Zoe overload! You know you loved it. :)*

Green Team boys going all gangnam style on us!

hans and I on my bday!

And then this week has been Homecoming Week, so we've had dress up days! Today (Wed.) was Western Day, so I wore my new jean jacket and cowboy boots (bday presents from my amazing parents!).

What did you do during your long weekend (thanks to MLK!)?



  1. What a pretty sunset! Looks like you had a lot of fun. :-)

  2. Oh! And happy belated birthday!! ;-) I wish you all the blessings, joy and happiness this year!

  3. I love the first picture... and the gangam one. :D


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