Friday, October 21, 2011

Me and my friends!!!!

So, tonight, the H.S. band and choir had to man the cakewalk at school for the music department, as a fundraiser. Me and a friend were the ticket takers for the cakewalk. It was fun, but absolutely HECTIC!!! :) The band played the music for the cakewalk, and then after the fundraiser, me, Nat, Em, and Felicia all went to the guy's soccer game behind the school. Here are a few pictures. (a heads up: my camera's not like a pro photog's camera or anything. its just a Fujifilm point and shoot, but I love it, and it serves my needs. :) So there.)

Me, Nat, and Felicia at the game. Em ditched us to go sit with Sierra, who's got an AMAZING camera!! :) Felicia is dressed the way she is because it was somewhat of a dress up night, ya know for Halloween? Ya. But I didn't do anything. Of course!!!! haha

  Me and Nat. <3
Oooh ooh oooh!!!!! Y'all see the pink feather in my hair???? Yup, I got one!!!!! My Inde. Living teacher ordered three packs off of Etsy, from this lady in China, and we got them last Friday! A girl in my class put it in for me. Ya know those things cost $25 to put in your hair - when you can get an experience friend to help you and it takes like five minutes?!?!??!! Ya, crazy, I know!!! lol

Oh, and here are three pix from Nerd Night a few weeks ago. :)

Me and Nat, again.

Me, Nat, and Rachael.

Ok. I look very, um.... weird here. hehehe

The End!!!



  1. hehe! the nerd pictures made me laugh.

  2. haha! the nerd pics were funny!

  3. Lol love the feather and looks like you had a blast being a nerd :P ~Mack~


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