Saturday, October 8, 2011

my life lately

i have decided that as soon as possible, i'm getting a job, so that i can get an iPhone like my dad's, because they are a blast. And just plain awesome!!!!!!!!!! there. that's a good reason, dontcha think???? yep.

also, today me, mom, and andrew went leaf collecting for like, three hours. fun fun fun! we saw about 30 photogs, and about 4 weddings. so much fun! i love weddings. also, i have been working on a bunch of projects lately, so that's why i haven't been blogging all that much. plus, not much has been going on. so ya..... well, to end this quite BORING post, here are a few pictures.

song stuck in my head: "Down to the River to Pray".

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  1. I need a job, too. Not for iPhone, though, but for a camera. xD


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