Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun Times with My Cousin

These are just some *edited* pictures of me and my cousin goofing around at her house the day after Christmas. Enjoy!

 Its snowing!!!

We just went on a jaunt over to Noo Yawk! 

I love this one! 

trying to be serious... i'm more like bug-eyed!

Alaina is so fun to be around! My favorite memory of the two of us was when we were visiting our aunt and uncle's either on our Sweet Sixteenth get-away, or on one Christmas get together. But we just suddenly got the giggles around midnight (yes, we like staying up late!!), and we had to go into the bathroom so we wouldn't wake up our younger cousins. Oh, good times!!! :)

the end.



  1. Cute photos! Cousins are great.. I wish mine lived closer!! :)

  2. I love the pics they are very cute :D and that is supper cool what you did to them I like the old time pic looking one the best:D ~Mack~


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