Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift Exchange & Family Christmas

Yesterday morning, me and my three friends Natalie, Emily, and Felicia all gathered in the school library to exchange gifts, it being the last day before Christmas Break!!!! :) Here are some pictures. :)

here we are waiting for Nat to finish writing her cards for us. hehe

 ready to open their gifts from me....

with our gifts from Nat...

our pictures from Em...

 wearing our pashminas from Nat (who's to my left, wearing the adorable pink sparkly Santa hat....)

we then proceeded to *rush* down the halls to homeroom!!! ;)

now, here are a few pictures from a few days ago, and also of the fam's Christmas! 
haha Nat's friend Jacob just snapped this picture....

Okay, soo. from L-R: Natalie, Me, Emily, & Felicia. We're all sophomores. :D

And nowwww......

I GOT WHAT I WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 A black blazer, grey jeans, and RIDING BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. More detailed photos coming soon.... exclusively to your computer screen!

Oh my gosh. The excitement..... I've already made a million different outfits in my head, using those three items. haha

This is our tree before. Sorry, I didn't get an after. My bad. :)

And, that's all. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You look amazing in your riding boots and blazer, and that was a cool idea and it looked like a bunch of fun fun fun with your friends :D cant wait to see you only 3 more days AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D ~Mack~

  2. Love all the pictures! Have a great trip to Iowa...can't wait to see you!!!:)


  3. Cute post! I love the pictures.:)

  4. Fun times! It's good to have so many friends around you! When I lived closer to my friends we did a gift exchange every year too... it was a lot of fun! :) Love your grey jeans and riding boots! You look great!


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