Saturday, December 10, 2011

Okay bloggy friends...

what about this one?!?!? I think this is what I wanna go for.

IF my parents will let me. I'm turning 18 next month, so then I'll be an adult and be able to make my own choice, but still... my parents are CRAZY hesitant about this. My dad doesn't like people getting their hair colored/highlighted. If Dad said yes tho, I think Mom would go for it... :/

So ya.



  1. Pretty! It will look very natural and striking.:)

  2. It is really pretty... BUT I will warn you- depending on your skin tone it may look HORRIBLE on you... you have to find out if you are cool, warm or neutral so you can buy the right dye...
    And go for the right color...
    But I am all for change- just make sure you do some research BEFORE you are stuck with it.
    He Reigns,

  3. Again, I'm not a huge fashion person (duh) so I don't really know, but I *think* it will look good. It's totally up to you though, and your parents. :)

  4. I would look Very cute but I have to agree with Makay make sure it will look good befor you do it :D and get your parents permission :D


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