Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is Me....

For all my new followers, and about my "Christmas Wish" post where most of you thought I was Kendi and I didn't think to clarify that until I saw the comments... well, here is a picture of your's truly.

This was taken last year, my freshman year of homeschooling! :) I think Megs took this pic....

Watching old Alaska trip videos. they actually work on this new DVD player my Dad bought!! Whoo hoo. But YUK, I look sooo yeah. YUK. I was like 11-years-old when we went on the month-long vaca, so yeah. Hopefully I've improved! Ha.


p.s. i think i say 'soo yeah' a lot. what do you think?!! ;)


  1. i say so yeah a lot too!!! cute pic :)

  2. haha I love the pic. xD I say "yeah" WAY too much. =P

  3. Oh and I found a blog you might like. :) I really like her blog too. http://misselainious.com/ She wore the same dress for 100 days for orphans...you just have to read around. She's already done 100 days but still posts fashion and wants to raise more money. :)


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