Monday, May 7, 2012

Ladies Retreat

Ladies Retreat was a few weekends ago, but I finally was given some of the pictures taken of me and my mom at the retreat, and so thought I'd share them on here! :)

mom and i at our table

 mrs. b and i. whoa i look wiped, but i really wasn't tired...

 mom and a lady who's name escapes me...

 mom, me, and mrs. miller

Ladies Retreat was awesome!! It was the first year I was able to go, because you had to be 16, and I'm 18. The speaker was Peggy Walker (anyone heard of her??) She's such a lovely woman, funny but has wonderfully convicting messages! :) She also went to BBC, and totally got me interested in thinking about it for a future college, specially after she told me all about the different financial aid they provide. ;) This year's message was all about breaking from the chains that have you bound, that are keeping you from living your life completely for Jesus. It was totally what I needed to hear!! Oh, the stories she shared about people she'd witnessed to. It got me soo excited to tell others! She said to always just keep one ear (and eye?) open for oppurtunities, and don't force it! Forcing it always makes the situation awkward and uncomfortable.

So that was my lovely weekend spent Friday night and practically all day Saturday. It was a refreshing week spent with older women (which I don't mind, btw) and two other teen girls.



  1. Looks like you had a awesome time!

  2. Peggy Walker? No way! I love her! I just recently heard her speak at a small conference. Looks like you and your mama had an awesome time! YAY for Jesus loving people(: Haha!

    [Jazzie //]

  3. Sounds like fun!!! Glad you had an encouraging time. :-)

  4. It looks like you had a great time and haning out with older people is very fun you get to learn a lot about them and they know all kinds of cool things :D ~Mack~


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