Friday, May 4, 2012

What I Want In My Future Husband

So, in English class we are reading 'Romeo and Juliet' and I must say its pretty ridiculous, the way R&J fall madly in love in like five minutes and are already kissing and holding hands before even saying more than 2 dozen words to each other.

Hmm yeah.

Our English teacher, because we are reading this *wonderful* Shakespeare story, gave us a writing assignment on writing down our preferences in a future mate, and so I thought I'd just share them here with you.

1. Must be a Christian and love the Lord more than me.

2. Must be saving his first kiss for me on our wedding day/must be a virgin.

3. Must be a servant, willing to help others less fortunate.

4. Must be honest, trust-worthy, kind, gentle, patient and loving.

5. Must be good looking to me (anyone else's opinion really doesn't matter!!)

6. Must have a nice singing voice so the two of us can sing together (like in church.)

7. Must love kids!

8. Must love the outdoors.

9. Must be emotionally-pure (and not have a lot of emotional baggage from past relationships).

10. Must love southern gospel music!! :)

Have any of you ever made a list?

What are a few things you want in a future spouse?

I leave you with this beautiful song. The ending score from 'Flicka'.



  1. I think it's important that you do not settle, but Ev and I kiss and it is very special... centered on Christ... and a way that we are able to say I love you with more than words... I think sometimes people become to narrow-minded and make standards that really aren't fair... I think the more important thing is to PRAY for your future husband... and to pray that Go will give you what HE wants to give you...

    1. Thank you for your comment Ky! I do realize that some of them are minor, and don't really matter, like music preferences and whatnot. I'm really just focusing on the more important ones, like being a Christian, and being a virgin/saving his 1st kiss for me, being a servant of the Lord... that sort of thing. :)

    2. This is my opinion. I think it's really cool you want to save your kiss and virginity for your husband. But, I think that if he has made a mistake in the past and he's kissed someone before, or isn't a virgin, you shouldn't have that keep you from dating him. People make mistakes, and he shouldn't pay for what he did in the past. Just my thoughts :)

  2. Please excuse all the typos I did this on my I touch.

  3. Awww that is a great list dear! I have meant to make mine but I haven't gotten around to it. Some things I'm not sure about what I want, but I'm getting around to it. And praying about it. Future husband thoughts fill up a book I have for him. Err diary hehee. Oops. Anyway I'm a new follower, so hi! And I'm looking forward to more good posts!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8
    P.S. I definitely agree about the virgin and first kiss part! Do you mind if I what your views are about dating and courtship? I'm always interested in new views and stories.

  4. That is a lovely list :) There is one thing I would caution though...the use of the word "must". You never know who God's going to bring into your life at what time! While you may be walking with the Lord right now, that's not a guarantee that your future husband is; Like Kyla said, pray for him!! Pray that he is able to escape emotional baggage and physical relationships...but in all honesty, in this day and age, it seems to be more and more rare that you can find anyone, men or women, who've escaped those things. I know that if my future husband depends on my complete and total lack of emotional baggage, he will be greatly disappointed! ;) But it's those things that the Lord helps us through, and it's those things that we must forgive and support our future spouses for. It'd certainly be lovely to find a man who has saved his first kiss, who's completely saved himself in every way for his wife...but if he hasn't, and he is, without a doubt, the man God has for us, it's our job to love him just as he is, scars and all. That's how I hope to love my husband, and how I hope he will love me.
    Sorry for my long winded comment ;)
    And I'm a fan of saying you'd like for him to have a good singing voice...Amen, sister friend!
    ~Lauren :)

    1. Thank you all for the lovely comments! :) I love hearing other people's opinions on important stuff like future spouses.

      Lauren, yes, I did think about the word 'must' as i was writing this, and I do whole-heartedly agree with what you said! :D
      Also, whenever I think of it, I do pray for him.

  5. Wow I would want to make such a list but I don't know, I think making those list might end up disappointing me cuz in reality nothing happens as we want, it can,t be decided n who knows we might end up meeting someone greater than someone in our list or otherwise! So I guess the best is to leave it to fate n destiny n just pray that we meet the best person not according to the society's norms or someone's list but someone best for us who can make us happy! Right!

    Its my perception but I wish u all the very best luck in meeting someone as grt as in ur list!

    Btw be sure to check out my new post

  6. I made a list once upon a time. And while most of the points really were important, like being a Christian and a hard worker who would be willing to provide for a family...I ended up finding some of them not so important and even kind of silly! I think it is okay to dream and have expectations, but at the same time just be careful about having too many ideals! I've seen to many girls turn down amazing, Godly, men who would have loved them dearly...simply because they didn't line up with all the things on their list. Lauren's comment was right on the money about this! I was in no way perfect or ideal wife material. I have many faults that I still work on daily! But I'm grateful that my husband accepted who I was, who I am now and who I'll be in the future! I think we just have to remember to be gracious, forgiving, and full of love. :-)

    On another note... I just put up the first Flicka fashion post! let me know how you like it! I enjoyed it so much.... maxi skirts are coming on post #2. :-) Let me know if you want more or anything else. :-) Here is the link!



    Toller blog. lust auf gegenseitiges verfoelgen?

  8. mine is a lot like yours cept the singing cause I could care less if he can sing :P and the southern gospel it is ok but not my fave thing. And I agree if someone else dose not think he is cute or hot what ever they don't need to they are not the ones spending their lives with them :D and yes R&J are insane and did you know that book takes place in like 2 weeks ? I personal did not like it that much (Cough Cough not at all) if people think that was a great love story they where crazy there is nothing romantic about people killing other people and them selves. ~Mack~


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