Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Month of May

Its already May 17 and I keep on asking myself, "Where has the time gone??" Its just flown by since last August, when school started, and now I've only got two more weeks left. Unbelievable. Well, actually, I better start believing it because these last two weeks are gonna fly by and then summer will be here!! A few things I'm looking forward to with great anticipation in the months of June and July are:

1. My bestest friend in the whole world Mackenna is coming for a whole week!! All the way from Iowa, where I used to live. :) We are gonna have a blast! I plan on taking some videos and BUNCHES of pictures to share with you all!!!

2. Sonshine, my church's VBS, is happening in late June. I'm a Bible teacher for two nights, for the 2's and 3's and I can't wait!! Last year was my first year, and so now I'm experienced. Oh, the power in that one word. ;)

3. Learning how to drive. The parents are still talking about whether Andrew and I should, now that we are 18, take driver's-ed, or just have them teach us. I'm rooting for the latter. My friend Natalie has told me plenty of horror stories about driver's ed.... :/

4. Maybe getting a job. Working at American Eagle would be fun, I think. Or any clothing store in the mall. :) Or maybe at some cute diner. IDK.

So, those are my soon-to-come summer plans.

What are yours?

Happy Thursday!



  1. I loved this post! Love your blog too. It's adorable. Husband and I moved to Virginia Beach for the summer! We're originally from the West, so it should be an adventure!

    Stop by and visit me @ we & serendipity

    ♥ xoxo.

  2. I cant wait either I AM SOOOOO EXITED to come and hang out with you :D and take lots of picks :P and dont worry drivers ed will be ok :P I am taking it too we will make it and sonshine will be lots of fun too I cant wait for summer :D ~Mack~

  3. learning how to drive and getting a summer job is definitely on my list too. got to start earning our own money now that we're adults. :D

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  4. eeek, sounds like fun. I so wanna drive and get a job...uggghhh like two more years... =P but the time WILL fly by!

  5. Love your blog!! Those pictures are sooo stinking pretty!

  6. i would totally come visit you too....but i'm already gonna be gone for 2 weeks in june and idk yet about july or august. BUT i am seriously gonna think about visiting you sometime soon!

    love ya:)



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