Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Day You're Home for Only 2 Hours

So this morning I got up and worked on my homework, because the rest of the day was gonna be spent cheering on my fellow schoolmates at a varsity soccer and varsity volleyball game. And then right after volleyball I was to head off to a friend's bday party. So my day was packed. As promised, I took a few pictures!

Me and Hans had a jolly time at that, stuffing ourselves with candy because there were no concessions (drat!!) and we were starving...

then I headed to my friend's bday party after dropping Hans off at home.

We painted pumpkins, played Just Dance 4, and didn't even get halfway thru two movies. So yups. All in a hard day's work...

Also! I got a picture of my OOTD:

//yes i realize my hair looks like rubbish. it wouldn't cooperate so i took off my hat & threw it up. that's how it goes, folks.//

How was your Saturday? Do anything special??


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  1. Cute outfit! The scarf and beret add so much! :-) I didn't do much on Saturday....put away some baby clothes and finished packing my bags to bring to the hospital! :-)


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