Monday, October 29, 2012

Harvest Party

Earlier this month the fam was able to go to a nearby university and meet our foreign exchange student who is going to be hanging out with us on occasion, learning about America and our cultures and traditions and stuff. There was a big party called the Harvest Party where we ate some really good food, played games and carved pumpkins! There were prizes for the best pumpkin carvings, and ours came in third!! Mom and Yangei carved out 'China' in Chinese characters on one side, and on the other side, 'USA' in 3-D letters. It was purdy sweet. :)

if you didn't believe me before now that i'm the shortest in the fam... well now you have real proof!! ;)

 This picture, taken at the soccer game I went to 2 Saturdays ago, was taken by Jill-Anne's dad (the girl in the purple) and was just today put on Facebook. So I had to share it!! :)

What big autumn festivities have you done this fall?



  1. aww you look so little! How tall are you?
    I bet that was great fun :) One of those really feel good occasions :) xx

  2. Manda this is so cute, I think my family actually did that at U.T like 8 years ago it was so much fun :)


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