Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Memories

Today I got to go to my good friend Mercy's house, along with Hans, and hang out for the afternoon!! It.Was.A.Blast. We talked SOO MUCH, ate a delicious lunch (me and Hans were big fans of the pasta!! *wink*), played Dutch Blitz (my new favorite game) and took a few pictures outside. In the cold. Ohhh memories. :) And then we headed to the school for a church potluck. :) Good times...

//cheesy smile, fishy faces!!//

//don't kill me hans! but you look beautiful here, jus' sayin!! :)//

And that's that!

What did you do on your Sunday afternoon?



  1. Ohh it looks cold! I still haven't worn a scarf yet. :-)

  2. Aw, Manda! It was so much fun! I enjoyed my time with you guys! And the potluck was amazing!! lol Love you! <3

    1. you're amazin girl! and i love your blog profile pic. hehe ;) oh, and right back at ya!! :) <3

  3. like you guys, i am a big pasta fan as well. they're so yummy. these are cute photos. it's always a blast to hang out with friends.

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  4. I go to church all sunday cox is sabbath day

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  5. looks like fun! love the winter outfits. :)


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