Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Girls Night {with Hans}

Hey everyone!!!

so I'm sorry its taken me so long to post about this! yikes! anyways, just wanted to share with you the few pictures hans and i took at our girls weekend. :) well first i'll tell you what we did: we went shopping, did the photobooth, came home and ate pizza and watched 'father of the bride 2' (hans had never seen it), and talked, and talked, and talked, and talked! i swear, we coulda talked all night long but we were both exhausted. but we had ice cream at 1 in the morning, listened to McLaina, flipped thru last's year yearbook, laughed soo much, retold sonshine, renew and refresh memories (of course we would!!) and just overall had an awesome time! oh and also, we did do our vlog, but SADLY, it ended up being over 20 minutes long! we didn't realize we had been sitting in front of the camera for such a crazy long time until i tried to send it to hans thru email to put on youtube... and email wouldn't let me send it! i tried multiple other ways, but nothing worked. sooo i'm soooo sorry to everyone who sent in questions (mack, kelsey, claire, to name a few!!) cuz now you wont be able to watch it! and i must say it was pretty dang funny in some parts!!! but hopefully hans and i can do another vlog in the near future and make it alot shorter! haha

to kelsey who asked if we owned anything matching: yes, now we do! while shopping at charlotte russe friday night, we fell in love with these adorable scarves and i suggested we both get one! so we proudly wore them last sunday and people kept asking me: 'are you wearing the same scarf as hannah'? and i'm like, 'YES! we planned it!' lol *the scarf has tiny shiny hearts on them, if you couldn't tell*

*good ole lenovo camera pics!! hehe*

Soo that was our girls night! :) Once again, I'm sorry the vlog didnt work out! I was soo excited to let you guys watch it! :/ But we'll do another one, promise!!



  1. Kinda bummed that the vlog did not work...that must have stank for y'all:( Oh well...sounds like y'all had a blast. And the scarves are soooooooooo cute<3 You two are just so pretty:-):-):-):-) Wish we new eachother in person sounds like you both have awesome sleepovers .

    Have you tried getting a YouTube account yourself so you can upload just from your computer?

    Love ya,

    The drink in The picture on my blog is a green tea frap . They are soooo yummy. You should so try it!!!

  2. Looks like you gals had a great time!!! Love you both and we all have to do something very soon!!!!!


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