Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hey everybody!!!


First off, I'm soo thankful for the love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is amazing, and my greatest dream and goal in life is to learn to love Him with all I am, and to live for Him everyday. I don't deserve His love, or His free gift of salvation, and that's why I need Jesus. I'm a sinner saved by grace... because God is good, and holy, and He displays the greatest Love to the whole world. I don't deserve Him, but man am I ever thankful that He loves me and died for me. I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!


2nd, to my wonderful family! We fight like normal families and I have to constantly be reminded that life is short, and is precious and to treat my siblings and parents better, but when it really comes down to it, they are my favorite people in the whole wide world and I don't know what I would do without them! I love you guys!!!


And 3rd, to my amazing friends!!! You guys are the sunshines in my life, the icing on my cupcakes, my kindred spirits, my special little gifts from God. I love you guys with all my heart!!! Hugs and kisses!!!

Hope y'all are enjoying this very special day! Jesus loves you and so do I!!



  1. :D Manda I love you and hope you had an amazing vatentines day!!! I love this post!!! Expeshaly the first pick it is very true! ~Mack~

  2. aw love this :) and lovely family!

  3. Awesome post, sorry I wasn't around to wish you a happy valentines day. It was a bad week for me, I wasn't online much! So now I'm catching up :-)


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