Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Night {Game}

Hey all,

so Jesus was amazing and let me have a completley homework-free night so that I could go cheer on our boys at an away game against a rival Christian school with Hans and Allie and Bethany!!! We got creamed (and it really wasn't pretty) but it was still a fun night! Here are just two pics from the night. :)

*Me and Sarah - the cutest cheerleader ever!!*

*My game night outfit! I am representing my country pride w/ my boots y'all!*

Also, please guys, would you please please please leave questions for the vlog Hans and I are gonna do? Please? We only have 3 questions so far (thanks to Mack!) and we want more!! So please, ask us anything appropiate and we will answer them, promise! Thanks!!



  1. Here are a few questions.

    1.How did y'all meet?
    2. Where did you meet?
    3. What is your favorite thing to do together
    4. Do you ever hang out with eachothers siblings?
    5. If you could go anywhere together where would it be?
    6. Could you describe eachother in one word?
    7. Do you have anything matching?
    8. Do you two have an inside joke?

    Alright.....I hope that was not to many. I cat wait to see it!!!!

  2. Hope everything's going well in Ohio! Haven't talked to you in a looong time...anyway here are 2 questions:

    What do you want to do after high school?
    Favorite place to shop?


  3. Did you get my second email it had more :p ~Mack~


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