Friday, February 1, 2013

Movie Love

So I was talking to Hans the other day about how much I love 'Little Women'. I've been sick all week (and also all this past weekend) so I stayed home from church Sunday, and then also on Monday and Tuesday. Monday I watched a movie I hadn't seen in ages. It also happens to be one of my all time favorite movies!! Its such a classic. So to here's to one of the greatest books/movies ever made!

one of the best lines in the movie!

"Will you come home to me, Teddy dear?"

 My sis Meg and I love this scene! ^^ Its awkward, hilarious, and adorable.

 This scene is soo cute and sweet!! I loved Amy and Laurie's little sis/big bro relationship wayy more than their 'lovers' relationship. :/

If you haven't ever seen this movie... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???!?!!? Go watch it right away. You'll be just as in love with it as I am when you're done. I can promise you that.

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Now: go bear your soul & tell your most appalling secret to someone you trust.



  1. This is just about my very favorite movie :) Gives me such a warm, happy feeling, and I've been in love with Teddy since I was a little girl :) And I agree...I've always been just the tiniest bit bitter that Amy ends up with him! I've never liked it, and though I've seen this movie probably a hundred times, I just can't get used to it :P Still love it though :)
    ~Lauren :)

  2. This is one of my favorite movies!! I love that first scene with Laurie and Jo!:)



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