Friday, June 7, 2013

Blogilates to the Rescue

You guys, I made a PINTEREST a few days ago, and I stumbled upon 'Blogilates'. It Is Amazing. Cassey Ho is the girl behind Blogilates and she's got like a million videos, meal plans, and other awesome stuff to help one get on track to eating clean and getting fit. I just did two of her videos this morning and my abs are hurting right now!! But I'm so excited to try and do Blogilates every day this summer!! :)

That is Cassey - ain't she smokin?? ;) She is so full of life and energy and is very very encouraging!! I urge you guys to look Blogilates up - if you're wanting to change your eating habits and start exercising and getting fit, Blogilates is the way to go, I'm telling ya!! :)

Check it out!!



  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I actually discovered her videos a few weeks ago too. I love her. I've been doing her bikini blasters for a week now. It's amazing!!! :D

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  2. I love Cassey! She is ah-mazing!!! Keep up with the good (hard) work!(;
    It's worth it for sure!!

    xxo. Jazzie


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