Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hellooo Fellow Bloggers!!!!

Wow have I been gone for a looong time! So sorry about that! The reason is because I just got a job on Monday working at a horse farm, and so I started on Tuesday and have been working very long hours ever since!!!! :) Its my 1st real job which is exciting. The next thing on my summer agenda is to get my temps/license! Which I have noo idea when that'll happen since I work 6 days a week and my only day off is Sunday! haha #problemsofastablehand

So I just wanted to share a few pictures of me at work that my mom has taken.

*me and my favorite pony, Ella*

 *all the horses! well, most of them!*

 *there i am, in the Gator*

And then just last night my sisters' basketball coach, and friend Kara, came over to spend the night!! #goodtimes #laughter #memories

We watched 'The Amazing Spiderman', my new favorite movie, and went to see our dad run in a 5K! All in all, its been a crazy, memorable week!!


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