Friday, July 26, 2013


1. If you haven't heard of it, where have you been????? But Duck Dynasty is the best show everrr. Its filled with faith, family, and ducks. :) And I love all of them. 
I really love how I got my forever bestie Mackenna hooked on it, too!! You just can't help yourself! ;)

2. Speaking of Duck Dynasty, I looove Macy and Sadie sooo much!! #cutestcousinsever #besties

3. Life is good right now. I just got my senior pictures taken this week and they turned out AMAZING!!!!!


4. Fun times with the cuzzos!!! Walking to the gardens, praising Jesus around our campfire, making the most bestest s'mores everr - with peanut butter! Try it - it'll rock your world! Oh and sleeping in our tent in the backyard last night. Sooo funn!!!

5. I love this song right now - its been on repeat n.o.n.s.t.o.p. I think its my go-to summertime song!! :)

6. I wanna try this mani before summer ends...

7. Getting my temps is not gonna happen this summer! :/

8. My cousins and sibs are watching 'Benjii' and every few minutes I hear 'Awwwww'!! lol

9. I can't believe that I start school in three weeks!! Like, where in the world did summer go?! But to be honest, I'm soo ready to be done with education! I've had enough. :)

 10. My new movie fave is 'War Horse'. Its a wonderful movie with some really, really cute British guys in soldiers uniforms, and lots of gorgeous horses!! :) In my opinion, its a must-see!



  1. I'm in love with duck dynasty! It's so great! And everybody tells me I look just like Sadie (in person). I go places and people are like, "wow, you look like Sadie Robertson, but with braces!" LOL! And I am not ready to go back to school either! I start in a week and a half. WHAT?!

  2. Hahah yes yes you did and it is much better than I expected it to be. I am usaly not into reality Tv. Those nails are so cute!! It looks like you had some great times with your cousins and took some of the picks in the same spot spot as we did when I was there!!! So cute!

  3. senior pics are so fun!! I still look back at mine!

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  5. Ooh those nails are cute. And War Horse is great!

  6. yay i love sneak peaks : ) wow those nails are adorable :)


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