Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 Things I'm Thankful For

1. Jesus. Without Him, seriously, I would be nothing. My life would be a complete wreck. And even tho I struggle a lot with keeping my focus on Him, and putting Him first in my life, I know He loves me, and when I mess up, I know He forgives me if I ask Him.

2. Family. I love them, even if I fight wayyy too much with them on stupid, silly things, they are my best friends.

3. My friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Ohio. This is a great state to live in, and even tho I miss Iowa A LOT, and I occasionally feel nostalgia for my old school/church, I'm really glad God brought my fam to Ohio. I've made new friends, and I'm completely settled in. 

5. Weather. Seriously, if we didn't have seasons, life would be soooo boring!!! Fall is my favorite sort of weather, cuz you get to bundle up in cute sweaters and boots and carry around Starbucks coffee and feel like a celeb. Its great. ;)

6. Internet. I would be dead. 'Nuff said.

7. My gift to write. Even tho lately I've barley anything for my story 'A New Song', and sometimes I fight the battle of whether I should continue with it or not, I'm so glad God has given me this talent. I get inspiration from about anything! :)

8. My online friends/followers. You guys rock. I wish I could meet each and every one of you and give you great big hugs, but since that's not exactly a possibility, let's dream up some big blogger party, ok???? With cupcakes. And 'Just Dance.' hehe

9. My health. I feel so bad for the people who struggle with their health daily. I'm so grateful I don't have to worry about going in for another chemo session or something. That would deff be the pits. :/

10. My blog. I love blogging, and I envy the bloggers who are amazing, like Olivia, Kendi, Jocee, and MANY OTHERS. But I do my best, and that's what counts.




  1. I'm thankful for cookies, chocolate milk,family, friends, a good church, football games(not usually haha), holidays, weekends, and Jesus!!

  2. Hehe I love your photos of your friends, they look like a very cool group. :)

  3. Those are great things to be thankful for. :)

    To answer your question about the YouTube videos... below a video on YouTube on the left side you will see a button that says "Share" click on that and a box will open below. You will see another button on the bottom that says "Embed" And there you go! There will be a HTML code you can post on to your blog. :) If that doesn't work you can just google it. I am not a very good explainer so maybe my directions won't work! :p But I hope that helps.

  4. thanks Marie! I will have to try it. :)


  5. Aw! You are the sweetest.

  6. I am thankful that seven years ago God brought me to Walnut Ridge to meet a girl named Amanda who is now my best friend in the whole world :D ~Mack~
    even if you found me annoying at first


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