Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Saturday Plans

I shall be running to school today to pick up the pies I had to sell for choir/band as a fundraiser.

Peanut Butter Cup Pie was an option. Drat! I wish my parents woulda bought that one....

Going to a class party tonight!!!! Super pumped. If I take pictures, I will post them on here. I really need to become bolder and quit the shy act when it comes to taking pics of me and my friends.....

Ummmm.... maybe going shopping? IDK. That idea just popped into my head - and i would LOVE to go!!!! I feel like I'm always stuck either at home or at school, and I rarely get out. THAT'S why I need to learn how to drive!!!! LOL

And now I have to go!!! Have a loverley Saturday my friends!!!

Manda <3

p.s. a few days ago, i realized my birthday is on my school's Homecoming. I'll be 18. HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?!?!? They can all celebrate my birthday then. JUST.KIDDIN. :)


  1. today I'm gonna help clean house and then read some. probably just chill at home today since most of us don't feel well. :P

  2. happy early birthday! <33 eighteen? wowerz. and you're making me hungrier with that picture.

  3. Love your blog, it's colorful and pretty

  4. Hello Amanda, I'm the owner/photographer of Sprinkled With Flour, and this photo for peanut butter cup pie belongs to me and is legally copyrighted material owned by me. By using this image without permission and not crediting the image to me, you are in violation of federal copyright law. Please either remove this image, or add a link to the original source and give credit to Sprinkled With Flour. I appreciate your prompt cooperation to avoid further legal action.

    Amber Potter | Sprinkled With Flour


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