Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall 2011 Trends

Midi Skirts

Penny Loafers

Oversized Pull-Over Sweaters

Midi Skirt
I love how Ashley pulled off this midi skirt, even tho she's really short (like 5'3'')

I love how this trend is in now! I envied the girls on 'Bonanza' who got to wear calf-length, flowy skirts. And now I can, too! :)

love the color of this dress!!!

Penny Loafers

the Olsen twins are seen wearing penny loafers ALL THE TIME. they are so cute, and so very vintage.

Oversized Sweaters

love the sunny yellowness of Ash's sweater!!! :) don't care for the shoes. sorry Ash! :/

and just throwing in this picture of Ash... just because! :)

-What are your favorite fall trends? 
-Would you wear any of them? 
-Do tell in a comment, below! 



  1. I like over-sized sweaters with a pair of leggings. The skirts are pretty cool too. :)

  2. love the midi skirts, oversized sweaters, penny loafers and the olsen twins. great great post! just posted on them as well haha, fashion icons. xx

  3. I love that picture of Kiera in the yellow midi skirt. So cute!! I like oversized sweaters and skinny jeans a lot, they are so comfortable and cute! :)


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