Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Award?

Well actually, its the same Liebster award that Abelia awarded me with. This time Hannah from one of ten and loving it awarded me, but i just decided to answer her questions. :) Here goes!

My (Hannah's) 11 questions: 
1) What is your favorite song?
       - favorite song.... ooh that's a tuffy!! i'll go with my most recent fave song, which is 'forever love' by fransesca battistelli. :)
2) what age do you want to be married by?
       - ohh, age 22 or 23. like my mom did, and like annie banks mackenzie did. :)
3) what color is your room?
        - hot pink, lime green, and turquoise with brown accents.
4) do you make to-do lists?
        - no. i'm not much of a list person.
5) have you ever been out of the US(or whatever your home country happens to be)?
         - yes! i went to canada on my way to alaska with my family 7 years ago!
6) do you wear make up?
        - sometimes, and when i do, i really only wear mascara, a little bit of eyeliner, rarely eyeshadow, and once in awhile blush. but never foundation! it makes my face feel all cakey and gross. :(
7) do you play any musical instruments?
        -no, but i used to play piano.
8) who is your favorite avenger?
         - i have not seen avengers, but i would prolly have to say thor? even tho i've never seen thor, either, but hey! the guy (chris hemsworth) is CUTE. jus' sayin. ;)
9) have you seen the Dark Knight Rises?
        - no, and i don't plan to. i'm not a big super hero fan.
10) do you like to bake/cook?
           - kinda. if i can get myself to get off my lazy butt and go in the kitchen and start baking something, then yes.      
11) how many windows are in your room?
         - one. 
And there you have it ladies and gentleman - more about me! :) Yayy...

I'll end this post with a picture. 
 //miss henley on beat tv in london. 8.8.12//

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