Monday, August 27, 2012

Lately... LIFE

I've started school now!! I'm glad to be back and to be seeing my school friends, but I miss summer vacation. Not the heat... just the whole 'no school' thing. :)

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I am so ready to sip hot cider and go to football games at public school, and freeze to death in the youth barn, and wear shorts with tights, and hear the leaves crunch under my feet. Oh, and to visit pumpkin patches.

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What's your fave thing about fall?



  1. i start school in a couple of days. it makes me sad that i won't be attending the same school i've been going to for the past 4 years. high school comes and go sooooo fast. so enjoy it and make the most out of it. :]

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  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE FALL! :) Seriously, it is so wonderful. Pumpkin-patches, and semi-chilly I am such a sucker for long-sleeves. They are so cute and so comfy and I cannot wait to wear them. Today it was 112 degrees outside here so it might be a while...but it'll definitely be greeeeat! :)


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