Thursday, November 1, 2012


Watching 'Journey 2: the Mysterious Island' - and Vanessa Hudgens bugs me. She is not a good actor. (But I must admit her hair is gorgeous!!! lol)

Watching the aforementioned movie starring Josh Hutcherson. :) For the 2nd time tonight.

I love spending time with my family. :)

Sooo excited to get my hair cut tomorrow!! A trim, bunches of layers, and fringe.

I think my favorite Disney show would have to be 'Good Luck Charlie'. Teddy and Spencer are adorable.

I have decided to stop snacking. It will only help in my weight loss. :)

I have so happy that I have hardly any homework this weekend!! Its such a small blessing, but I'm thankful.

I'm also oober excited that me and Andy's 19th bday is going to be during our youth group's winter retreat. Its gonna be memorable, that's for sure.

I've loving the song 'Rocketship' by Shane Harper. He can actually kinda sing...

I love my life.


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