Sunday, September 30, 2012

autumn sundays

went to church and got to hang with my favorite baby girl in the world, zoe, in the nursery. i looove her!!

then went with the fam to jared's baseball game. can i just say that the pitcher was reallly cute?!?! yeah...

then rushed to youth group and had a jolly time with some of my favorite people, the aforementioned baby one of them. :)

now im sucking down a vanilla frosty and working feverishley on alg. 1 homework. and i'm sorry that my font well all fancy on you. i pushed a wrong button...

i hope your sunday was as wonderful as mine!



  1. It looks like you had quite the day miss Manda ;) and is sounds super fun :) LOVE ~Mack~

  2. Looks like fun, that baby is adorable! :)


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